Things To Consider Before You Select A Preschool For Your Little One In Singapore

Choosing the preschool for your blessed one might be a herculean task. But, never make a hasty decision as preschools are going to make a strong foundation for your child.

Do a little homework so that you pick the best preschool or the best childcare at tanjong katong road that will take immense care of your pre-schooler.
With so many preschools that are there known for their reputation, the following factors can be considered to make your final pick.


Always choose the preschool that is very near to your residence. Look for the centres for childcare at tanjong katong road by searching through the nearby locality. Your child is very young and cannot take the stress of travelling long distances.

Staff to child ratio

Unlike the regular school where the class is filled with children, the preschool must have only lesser number of children. The teacher to child ratios must be very low which means that your child will get individual attention and care at this tender age.


Enquire about the management and the staff of the preschool. Your child will be interacting for most of the day with the staff at the school. Ensure that they are well trained in child care so that the standard of knowledge imparted by them will positively groom the child. Also, pick schools that are managed by people who are known in the field of child care. A good management is essential to keep your worries at bay.


You may be under stress to leave your precious little one at the school which is a totally new and unknown environment for you and your child. But frequent interaction with the staff and the principal at the school will help you overcome such stress. Look for schools that have an open communication channels between the parents and the teachers. 

Rules and regulations

Preschool is a place for the child to explore the world and understand their own strength and develop their weaknesses. It is not necessary for such a platform to be very strict. The pre-schooler must never be burdened with too much of disciplinary rules. This will create fear and aversion towards school in the mind of the child. Make sure that the preschool that you pick does not practice a strict approach and a play way method is much advisable.


Ask about the list of things and activities that the child will be doing in a day at school. Does the school have necessary building and child friendly furniture? What kind of activities is done at school? Such questions must be pondered to know more about the daily routine in the school.