Job Opportunities In The Public Housing Department

Similar to any public or government based department, housing departments’ jobs also falls under the government jobs. The payments and labors rules of government workers apply to the employees of the housing department. The well known jobs at any public department are the administrators, human resources, and management and accountants. Following are a description of the other job opportunities available at the public sector in the housing departments.


For the housing department since it is main job scope is to design and build budget flats, the need for architects are a must. Unlike the post of HDB interior designer, architects have to have a different set of qualifications. They need to have a minimum three year degree or any equivalent qualification. If chartered architects are recruited they have to have a relevant experience as well as a post graduate qualification. The job role of an architect in the housing department includes designing and planning flats, interior designing, and budgeting.


This post includes different types of designers. HDB interior designer role can be either universal designers, lighting designers or even kitchen and living furniture designers. This job role is not focused on designing modern high end furniture or interiors, instead they have to come up with budget plans and designs that look modern. So it is a bit of a challenging and bit of a narrow job scope. They also need to have a three year degree or an equivalent qualification. There are many institutes providing interior designer qualifications.

Quantity surveys

Quantity surveys job is to coordinate with the architect and the designers and prepare a comprehensive budget of the costs of the project. For this job you need to have a three year degree of quantity surveying or equivalent qualification. If you have studies in a government university these jobs are more open to you. If you want to know more about hdb home renovation Singapore just visit Ally Wong Interior for more details.

Electrical engineers

Electrical engineers job is not only to fix the broken electrical parts, but they also prepare electrical plans for these flats. If the housing department try to consult outside professionals for each of these projects it is going to cost a lot for them and it won’t be possible to give the flats at that rate. Hence they recruit graduates to these jobs.

There are many other trainee positions of all these major posts. If you wish you can start while you are studying to see if you would like working in the government sector. There are both pros and cons to working in the government. Your salary will be slightly lower than what you would make in the public sector, but you would be working normal hours and there won’t be too much work.