Halitosis – The Common Enemy

Bad breath is more often than not felt by the one having it. But it is so common and is something that could happen to any of us. Halitosis, commonly known as ‘bad breath’ or ‘foul breath’ is a condition that has the potential to ruin your personal and professional lives alike. Finding the reasons for it and getting proper treatment is the one and only way to combat halitosis.


Some common causes for halitosis would be teeth and gum problems, smoking and consumption of liquor. Among all event wines, whisky and beer are said to be the worst in terms of causing you to have bad breath. Although chewing gum would be a temporary solution to the matter, abandoning such unhealthy habits would help you lead a better life and face the world with more confidence.

Once consumed, the stench of whisky doesn’t leave your mouth for hours. As much as what you eat can cause halitosis, not eating on time also can result in giving you repulsively bad breath. This happens mostly because when one is hungry or dehydrated, the saliva flow decreases resulting in the drying up of the tongue causes plaque formation that causes the bad breath.


Avoiding habits like drinking, smoking, and food that gives you bad breath like onions. Having meals on time and drinking plenty of water are other things that you should do.

Foul breath could also be an indication of bad health. If the condition persists, visit a dentist and get an expert’s opinion on the matter. Brushing your teeth at least twice a day and brushing your teeth properly are just as important. In this regard, one should use a proper tooth brush and replace it at least once every month. Parents should ensure that their children are brushing their teeth properly, twice a day. As much as teeth, brushing the tongue to remove any bacteria that causes this foul breath should also be a part of one’s daily dental routine.

Keep mints with you that you might want to use when you feel like you have bad breath. How you smell is a part and parcel of your personality. Therefore, in order to make a lasting impression, making sure that your breath smells pleasant is important. Don’t hesitate to check with someone close to you if you’re breath is sound. This kind of assurance will boost your confidence and give you the peace of mind to face your day to day activities better.